Want a new future?


Patient Care. Redefined.

Care for Serious or Complex Illness. Decentralized.

Medically Home began the movement for decentralized care based on a need for a comprehensive care delivery system for patients with serious or complex illnesses.

Chassis of Care. Comprehensive.

The Medically Home Chassis provides all necessary elements to safely deliver advanced clinical care in decentralized settings.

The chassis provides a full spectrum of medical care that is delivered to patients at home 24/7.

Built for Scale. Not Pilots.

Many healthcare providers struggle with transitioning their home-based programs from lower-acuity to higher-acuity care. This low acuity focus of pilot programs delivering "hospital at home" results in a low patient census and an unsustainable program.

Medically Home's comprehensive decentralized high acuity chassis and network of partners was purpose built to overcome that obstacle and safely provide advanced medical care at scale.

Reimbursement for Decentralized Care. Simplified.

Medically Home and our clinical partners are committed to decentralizing exceptional medical care for clinically challenging illnesses and securing the necessary reimbursement to support that care. The chassis incorporates key aspects of revenue cycle management in a scalable, simple construct for both providers and payors.

24/7 physician & nurse practitioner oversight

Continuous patient vitals monitoring

Daily RN care coordination

Individualized SNF level occupational therapy

Meals & nutrition

Individualized speech therapy

NP care in the home

Nebulizers every 4 hours

IV antibiotics, fluids, diuretics, steroids


O2, DME, medical supplies

Pharmacy / medication management

Mobile imaging

Physical & occupational therapy


Your primary care physician will be updated and involved in your care

Specialty consults

Supportive home health aides

Better Care. Better Economics. Everyone Wins.

Better economics

Medically Home's safer, better care model delivers superior outcomes vs. traditional hospital-centric approaches - more care brought to the patient, when and where they need it. Quality, patient/provider satisfaction, and economic metrics confirm the power of Medically Home's decentralized approach. Results are driven by our unbending commitment to a safer, superior patient experience.

Equity via Access. Everywhere. Everyone.

Medically Home is passionate about providing safe and effective medical care to all patients, everywhere – particularly historically underserved patients who are typically economically, socially, and geographically disadvantaged. Bringing our care model to patients helps overcome challenges from a host of well-known obstacles.

We believe healthcare needs to be available for all. Decentralizing serious or complex care unlocks providers’ ability to access and serve patients in more convenient and economically-viable ways.

Patients' Lives Transformed. Globally.

After perfecting the model in the most complex care delivery system in the world, Medically Home is committed to bringing the decentralized model of care to patients everywhere.

Our vision for decentralized care delivery for serious or complex patients is especially relevant in countries that struggle with patient's access to care.


Longer Care for Better Outcomes
Economic Value Generated Through a 30-Day Episode of Care

In a typical model of care delivery where the patient is in a bricks and mortar hospital, 65% of the care dollar is devoted to the fixed bricks and mortar costs, leaving only 35% of that dollar for patient care. In contrast, Medically Home’s model of care delivery involves an overall 30% cost savings, with more of the care dollar from the remaining 70% of the spend devoted to actual patient care.

Counter-intuitively, bringing high acuity care to the patient in the home enables more care and better care available for a longer period at a lower cost. 

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