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Patient Care. Redefined.

Medically Home is the market leader for decentralized high-acuity care (e.g., hospital-at-home and ED in Home). Medically Home’s partners include leading health systems, payers, and ecosystem players as partners. Medically Home’s care model delivers safer, better care, with improved financial outcomes as compared to in-hospital care.

Part 1: The Art of Healing

For thousands of years, the art of healing has anchored around one focus. The patient. Before the advent of hospitals or modern medicine, traditional caregivers brought healthcare to the home. The heart of medicine beats because of the healer / patient relationship. At the crux of every concern, every ailment, treatments are tailored to fit each patient’s unique circumstances and needs. Trust builds with each exchange of words, each patient visit. If you can provide the highest level of care, you can provide all levels of care. Together, we can shift the scales of healthcare and bring healing home.


Part 2: Healing Begins at the Heart

When you’re in need of healthcare, you’re in a vulnerable place. That’s why emotional care and support from a caregiver can make such an impact on how you heal. Healing begins at the heart, that’s why we’re reinventing healthcare. Primary, urgent, specialty, hospital, hospice, palliative care, vaccines, screening, all brought to your home. That’s the future. Care should come to you.

Part 3: Healthcare is on the Move

Imagine a future in which your next prescription could be dropped right at your doorstep within an hour of your virtual doctor’s appointment. Imagine a future in which your doctor uses the most state-of-the-art technology like extended reality to take the closest possible look at your health before designing an optimal treatment plan. Imagine a future in which your doctor can amend your medication dosage remotely by virtually monitoring your vitals while you go about your day. When we think about the future of healthcare, we don’t just have to think about hospitals. Current forecasts for healthcare’s evolution involve transforming large hospital systems and in hospital care with the newest technologies but what if also we made these strides at home? Imagine getting diagnosed and treated and then healing in your own environment.