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HFMA Podcast with senior healthcare reporter, Erika Grotto: Fighting for Systemic Change by Putting the Patient First

By Medically Home Newsroom

HFMA recently invited Medically Home cofounders, Raphael (formerly Richard) Rakowski and Rami Karjian to a discussion with HFMA senior editor, Erika Grotto who teed up the recording by saying: “Sometimes my favorite interviews are the ones that start out with one topic and take an unexpected turn midway through…We started out discussing care models, but when it came right down to it, what they really wanted to talk about, was care…”

Raphael Rakowski shared, “…patients are underserved because the cost of the care is so high and it’s focused on reimbursement rather than on changing the way the care is delivered…

That’s not only a strategic but it’s a moral problem for the country…The care model we’ve lived with is based on patients coming to buildings where the ease of the care delivery is focused on the provider of the care rather than on the receiver of the care…”

Rami Karjian said, “…if you want proof to the failings of the intersection of the payment model and the care model, it’s failing the patients as witnessed by high readmission rates, the difficulties we have with providing access to patients, it’s failing the facilities because so many of them (by the hundreds) are forcing to close, it’s failing the payers and employers who face ever-increasing rates / premiums.”

To listen to the entire recording, visit here.

August 14, 2023