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About Our Partners—Atrius Health

By Medically Home Newsroom

Medically Home Group, Inc. is one of the American companies pioneering to bring the virtual hospital and patient-centric care to more homes. This is an idea that takes the original concept of being treated or recovering from an illness at home and expands it. However, advancing the virtual hospital idea isn’t an initiative that anyone can do alone. That’s why Medically Home is proud to collaborate with qualified partners like Atrius Health.

Committed To Quality

Atrius Health was founded in 2004, when three separate medical groups, Dedham Medical Associates, Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates, and Granite Medical Group merged into a larger, joint organization. The individual medical groups collaborated but maintained independence for many years afterward.

In 2015, the groups felt comfortable enough that Atrius Health became a single organization operating on the same standards. They brought down the barriers to their operations and shared data and resources for greater efficiency, and higher quality treatment of patients. This has been combined a new standard in ethical, professional and medical practice known as the Accountable Care Organization. Now, all of the Atrius Health Groups are participants in this initiative, to ensure a high degree of care, transparency, and of course, accountability when it comes to overseeing the welfare of patients.

It’s About Patients

What Atrius Health and Medically Home’s other partner, VNA Care, bring to the alliance is a focus on patient-centric care. VNA Care has over 100 years of experience with patients in a home setting and Atrius has put much of their effort into treating each patient as an individual, not a statistic, taking the specific needs and requirements of that patient into account when handling treatment.

As a result of this collaboration between Atrius Health, VNA Care, and Medically Home Group, Inc., the next generation of virtual hospital treatment is getting the benefit of new technology being put in service with both experienced home treatment methods, and a focus on customizing that treatment to ensure every individual gets the care best suited to them.

April 22, 2019