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New research published in the AJMC demonstrates hospital at home as a scalable solution for hospital capacity

By Medically Home Newsroom

The AJMC has published a new paper on hospital-at-home care, authored by colleagues from Kaiser Permanente along with Medically Home’s Eliza Pippa Shulman, DO. This research studied Kaiser Permanente at Home, an HaH program developed during the pandemic by KPNW and Medically Home.

Here’s what to know:

This is “the first study to demonstrate that advanced care at home (ACAH) can be quickly launched and scaled.” The program was launched over the course of four weeks to help create hospital capacity, achieving a monthly average daily census (ADC) representing 9% of the two hospitals’ internal medicine census.

“The implications of this study reach far beyond the COVID-19 pandemic and position the ACAH model of care as a safe solution for hospital capacity barriers such as the rapidly growing population 65 years and older driven by aging baby boomers.”

The findings also included that: “Patients admitted to Kaiser Permanente at Home were 64% less likely to experience delirium than patients admitted for traditional hospital care.”

“This is the largest ACAH case series to be reported to date.”

The research was authored by Arsheeya Mashaw, MD; Eric Johnson,
PhD; Eliza Shulman, DO; Rahul Rastogi, MD; Kevin Varner, MS; Joel Womack, MD; Keith Crowland, MBA.

Read the article by visiting this link.

December 20, 2023