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Medically Home Expands its Network Supporting the Delivery of High-Acuity Care in the Home

By Medically Home Newsroom

Acadian Health joins Medically Home’s network, marking the launch with a new fleet that introduces the message, ‘I am Medically Home’, signifying the opportunity for patients to receive care where they are and be ‘Medically Home’

BOSTON, LAFAYETTE, LA – December 5, 2023Medically Home today announced it is expanding its network of partnerships supporting the delivery of high-acuity care in the home for patients with serious or complex illness. Medically Home works with health systems, physician groups, and payers to deliver care to patients in their homes for approximately 20 organizations in as many states.

To support acute-level care at home in those markets, Medically Home has assembled a complex, dynamic network that makes up an infrastructure in the areas where it operates. Louisiana-based Acadian Health is the latest to join Medically Home’s expanding network that has delivered care to thousands of patients around the country.

“Building and maintaining an infrastructure that supports high-acuity care in the home requires key partnerships with leading organizations to enable clinical care and services,” said Rami Karjian, Chief Executive Officer, Medically Home. “Acadian Health is the latest example of the caliber of organization Medically Home is adding to its network as it expands within and to new markets advancing the movement to decentralize care.”

Patients who would otherwise require care in a bricks and mortar facility are able to stay home while receiving their care, enabling access to providers and services that include onsite and virtual nursing, specially trained paramedic care, mobile imaging, IV infusion, and 24/7 monitoring and care team access.

“Acadian Health shares Medically Home’s vision of decentralizing care to the home,” said Benjamin Swig, Director of Healthcare Innovation & Strategy, Acadian Health. “Acadian’s experience providing care in the home alongside a focus on safety, quality and reliability made this partnership a great match. We are pleased to work with Medically Home as it leads a growing movement to change the way that care is delivered – to patients at home.”

Marking the partnership, Acadian Health’s new fleet of vehicles introduces the message, ‘I am Medically Home’ in recognition of the opportunity patients have to be Medically Home and receive needed care where they are.

Medically Home’s network is comprised of approximately 160 partnerships. The logistics that dispatch in home clinical support and services enabled by this network are managed through Medically Home’s proprietary software called Cesia. For more information, please visit

About Medically Home

Medically Home operates a decentralized care model for patients with serious or complex illnesses in partnership with health systems, physician groups, and payers to safely provide emergency and hospital-level care for their patients at home. Medically Home provides all that is needed including the clinical protocols, reimbursement model, platform technology, and fulfillment of the clinical services required for partners to deliver care in the home. For more information visit

About Acadian Health

Acadian Health, based in Lafayette, Louisiana, is a trailblazer in proactive and patient-centered healthcare, strategically positioned to address today’s challenges of access, equity, and quality. Acadian Health’s innovative mobile health services extend care beyond traditional confines, ensuring all communities—regardless of location or circumstance—have equitable access to top-tier medical services. Advocacy is at Acadian Health’s core; championing the rights and needs of every patient, with a dedication to compassionate, respectful care.

In an era where healthcare demands both quality and value, Acadian Health’s cohesive collaboration between in-home care clinicians and providers curtails preventable incidents and streamlines the patient journey. By continuously pushing the boundaries of healthcare delivery, Acadian Health doesn’t just adapt to the modern healthcare paradigm—it shapes it. Discover its transformative approach at

December 05, 2023